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Metallic Centrifugal Pumps

End Suction Back Pullout Centrifugal Pumps (Metallic) is designed according to ISO 2858, ISO 5199 and API-610. These are structured as single stage pumps with back pull out design. The impellers used are semi-opened ones. The raw materials used in manufacturing these pumps are of high grade. Hence these products are long lasting and put in high performance. All these pumps are thick walled and resist high pipe forces. The Centrifugal Pumps (Metallic) are quite popular with our valued customers.



  • Capacity up to 800 m3/hr
  • Head up to 140 mtrs
  • Operating Pressure up to 26 Bars
  • Operating Temp. up to 260° C
  • Operating Speed 1450 & 2900 rpm



  • Designed in accordance with ISO 2858, ISO 5199 & API-610
  • The pumps are horizontal, single stage, single volute with back pull out design
  • Our impellers are semi-open impellers
  • Double raw thrust bearing: Keeps end play less than 0.025 mm for maximum seal life. Bearings sized for 2 year minimum and B10 average life. (Single row for Group 1A)
  • Renewable shaft sleeve : Hook-type shaft sleeve is free to expand with temperature variation
  • Jacketed volute casing and mounting either foot / centre line support can be provided on request
  • Heavy duty shaft: Maximum shaft deflection less than 0.05 mm at face of the stuffing box. Insures long seal and bearing life and low maintenance
  • Heavy walled casing : All pumps have wall thickness Corresponds to 16 Bar Pressure Rating. Resists high pipe forces and moments. ANSI 150 # Flange Standard
  • Simple-fast external impeller adjustment : Original high efficiency maintained by impeller adjustment resulting in long term energy savings
  • Maximum sealing flexibility: Choice of packed box or mechanical seal. Any type of mechanical seal can be fitted without modification of the pump


Centrifugal Pumps

All-Flow represents one of the finest Non-metallic Centrifugal Pumps manufacturer in India. These pumps are made up of materials like Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Perflouroalkoxy. These are corrosion resistant pumps and mostly used in chemical and process industries where due to higher delivery heads, the effects of erosion owing to the higher liquid velocities, are multiplied. These products are relied upon by a wide spectra of industrial units for toughest pumping applications.


  • Designed to suit extremely corrosive duties in the process and chemical industries
  • Less expensive & most ideal pumps then other pumps like as S.S. and Alloy metals
  • Engineered for Continuous as well as intermittent Service
  • Provision of Mechanical Seal / Gland Packing
  • Quality is the focal point of all our endeavors, and with our consistency in maintaining it we have won a huge list of satisfied clients

Applications :

  • Transferring Corrosive Chemicals
  • Filter Press for Dyes
  • Descaling
  • Water Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Picking of Steel in Cold Rolling Mills

Pump capacity up to 130 m³/ h
Total differential head up to 80 m
Operating temperature [t] -20°C up to +110 °C
Operating pressure [p] up to 5 bar
Diameter of discharge nozzle DN 150
Drive rating [P] up to 30 kW

Pulp Stock Pumps

Under the expert guidance of professional help we are able to provide our clients the Pulp Stock Pumps that will provide them with their desired result. These are made using premium raw materials and under the strict guidance of leading experts. Our rich vendor base makes it a point to supply us with high grade raw materials, so that the end result can last for a long time.


  • Volute casing with low radial forces
  • Open impeller for handling of stock up to 8% consistency
  • Specially designed Spiral key for impeller locking

Applications :

  • Paper Stock
  • Coatings
  • Alum transfer
  • Chemical recovery unit
  • Boiler feed
  • Bleach chemicals
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Mud transfer
  • Effluent treatment

Technical Details:

  • Capacity: 1500 m3/hr
  • Temperature: 1500° C
  • Head: 60 meters
  • Working Pressure: 1600 kPa

Thermic Fluid Pumps

We supply single stage Thermic Fluid Pumps. These are manufactured with back pull out design. Made out of high grade raw material these are safe to use and durable. You can avail the Hi-Temperature / Thermic Fluid Pumps in WCB, CI, BR, CF8, CF3M, CF8M, Alloy – 20, R55, H-B & H-C and other alloys. These are robustly constructed and can stand corrosion in any weather and temperature.


  • The pumps are horizontal, single stage, single volute with back pull out design
  • Designed in accordance with API 610
  • High efficiency
  • Keeps end play less than 0.025 mm for maximum seal life. Bearings sized for 2 year  minimum and B10 average life
  • All pumps have wall thickness Corresponds to 20 Bar Pressure Rating. Resists high pipe forces and moments
  • Choice of packed box or mechanical seal. Any type of mechanical seal can be fitted without modification of the pump


  • Capacity: 850 m3/hr
  • Head: 140 meters
  • Operating Pressure: 26 Bars
  • Operating Temp: 400° C
  • Operating Speed: 1450 & 2900 rpm


  • Organic and inorganic liquids
  • Refineries, Petrochemical and Fertilizer plants, Chemical process industries
  • Processing plants like sugar, food, paper pulp and sewage treatment
  • Thermal power plants
  • Heating and air conditioning plants
  • Desalination plants, water supply and irrigation systems
  • Thermic fluid heaters

Barrel Pumps

ALL-FLOW offers premium quality Barrel Pumps. These have been made by using high grade raw material  procured from well known vendors in the market. These have been further designed by an expert team. Hence you can be assured of the quality of our products, their performance and efficiency. These pumps & stirrers are utilized for liquid blending in industrial sectors. It can blend two or more liquids and are also able to deal with solid and liquid blending. We also offer these products at reasonable rates.


  • The Drum Pump empties the drum to a liquid residue of 1 Litre
  • Our Mixing Pump is useful for blending Liquid - Liquid Medium, Liquid - Solid Medium in Drum & Small Volume Containers
  • Clean in Place / Steam In Place operations may be performed by simply removing Pump’s Prime Moving Part without disturbing Pump Assembly
  • All-flow offers variety of Shaft Seals made of Elastomers to cater wide range of Chemicals applications
  • Pumps are self-priming and also self-draining on completion of pumping
  • Pumps will not be affected when pumping against a closed outlet
  • All A 40 Series Pump Tubes are interchangeable with any A 40 Drives
  • Suction tubes are available in any length from 2 to 6 Feet. Custom lengths are manufactured to client’s specifications
  • No spillage of highly valuable and Hazardous Chemicals / Inflammable Liquids

Application Industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical & Allied Industries
  • Aroma & Allied Industries
  • Petroleum & Allied Industries
  • Paint & Allied Industries

Product Range :

  • Low Viscous Barrel Pumps
  • High Viscous Barrel Pumps
  • Drum Mixing Pumps
  • Drum Stirrers
  • Hand Operated Barrel Pumps

Gear Pumps

Out team can provide our clients with some important and quality Gear Pumps which are used in different industrial sectors. We ensure that these products are manufactured out of top notch quality raw material. In this series we also offer Positive Displacement Rotary Twin Gear Pumps of AERN series that can pump and transfer all types of thick petroleum products and liquids.



  • Heavy duty gear pump design for continuous application
  • Herriges bone rotor design eliminate side thrust
  • Modified tooth profile enhances tooth life
  • Floating gear-design ensures uniform load distribution
  • Low-leakage path by design improve volumetric efficiency
  • Shorter bearing span reduces bending effect
  • Optional steam jacket



  • Steel plant
  • Power plant
  • Petroleum industries
  • Refineries
  • Pumping Station
  • Tanker loading & unloading


Technical Specifications:















1 1/2"


2 1/2"

















Peristaltic Hose Pumps

Available with us is an extensive range of Peristaltic Hose Pumps that comply conforms to required industrial standards of quality and functionality. Our qualitative pumps are also called positive displacement pump that are used for pumping a variety of fluids.


  • Seal Free
  • Reliable
  • Durable


  • Capacity range: 20 lph to 18000 lph
  • Head range: 40. 0 mtrs. & more
  • Electrical motor:  0. 5 to 10 hp
  • Containing suspended particles (Up to 77 m3/h) 16 bars pressure (232 psi)


  • Chemical process industry
  • Food industrial Industrial and municipal water treatment
  • Paints and coatings
  • Ceramics
  • Mining
  • Filter press equipment

Sliding Vane Blackmer Pumps

Sliding Vane Blackmer Pumps supplier by us are made using high quality raw materials. These pumps are used in various industrial sectors. These have been manufactured by keeping in mind the international quality standards. Hence, the product is durable and safe to use. These Sliding Vane Pumps Blackmer are used to deal with gas. These products are tested on different parameters to examine their efficiency. It can be availed from us at cost effective ranges.


  • Designed for mounting on off  road vehicles
  • Fast refueling
  • Diesel fuels & light oils
  • To transfer diesel fuel from drums or browsers to the vehicle tank
  • High Efficiency




  • Ambient temperature range : -30 °c  to +  50 °c
  • Material: Cast Iron
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